5 simple tips to improve your life instantly

This is a guest post by M.Farouk Radwan.

Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to make drastic changes to your life in order to improve it, because there are some simple actions that can help you live a better life.

We all have big goals and dreams and if we manage to improve our mood a little using these simple actions then we will find more energy to pursue these important goals.

In this post I will tell you about simple yet very effective changes you can do to your life to improve it right away.

How to improve your life instantly

1. Eat healthy food: as soon as I gave up on junk food and started eating healthy meals I noticed a great difference in my energy levels, I realized I became stronger and my performance during exercising improved greatly. Cut down on junk food and start eating a healthy diet and your life will improve in no time.

2. Sleep well: do you leave the lights on when you are in bed? Do you sleep in front of the TV? Do you leave electrical devices in your room while sleeping? (Including the mobile phone). If you do any of these bad habits then reverse them now and the quality of your sleep will improve greatly. Once you manage to sleep well your overall mood will improve.

3. Plan for your life: do you know that people who plan for their lives experience less stress and anxiety then those who don’t? Writing a future plan gives people a sense of control and in doing so will increase their overall mood and positivity. Write a plan now and your life will improve in few minutes.

4. Hang out with positive people: being around positive people won’t only help you get charged with positive energy but they will also give you hope in reaching your dreams. Try cutting out the negativity in your life and instead spend more time with positive people. If you don’t have many positive friends then read the writings of those that you admire and look up to, this will help you compensate for the lack of positive friends in your life.

5. Say sorry: guilt is a powerful emotion that can spoil one’s life and prevent them from experiencing true happiness.  If you hurt someone then call that person and apologize not only will you make them happy but you will also get rid of whatever negative emotions you may have.

Final words

Every week try to think of another simple action that you can do to improve your life. As time passes you will discover that your life has become way better and that your mood improves a great deal.


About the author

M.Farouk Radwan is the founder of http://www.2knowmyself.com, a website that has more than 2000 self help, psychology and personal development articles. Farouk is a full time blogger who makes a living by selling his books on his blog.

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  1. Well said Farouk. I recently went vegetarian back in May and I feel much better than I used to. Hanging with positive people is also a big one for me. I used to take any friend I could get in my young days. Now I am much more selective. 🙂
    Justin Mazza recently posted..The Demon in the WoodsMy Profile

  2. Thanks for the post. I have troubles with number 3 and it seems that whenever I have no plan or focus, I tend to let things get the better of me.

  3. This is an interesting post.. I’m very happy that I discover your blog.. I love it. Thank you.

  4. Me in the making says:

    Oh gosh 😀

    How funny…

    I was only saying to myself a few momemts ago that m.Farouk Radwan is like the muslim version of Arnold Schwarzengger, but for matters of the mind instead of acting. Then I come on this site only to see an article about Arnold.

    Well, anyway, I read the and took note!! My bed is currently broke and keep my mobile on for an alarm in the morning, so I think as of next year I shall ne investigating in a new alarm clock and keeping my phone off a bed time.

    Also, I came up with the brain wave of starting a life makeover this year. It was just a floating thought in my mind at the time and then in no time I realised that I have to do the makeover for certain.

    I started my very own Mind-Body-Soul makeover as of October 1st of this year, and its going to take two years to complete.

    Some times in life, people think that the best way to make themselves feel bettet is through buying a new dress or a nice pair of jeans, maybe they indirectly think that love approval is going to come in the form of a pot of foundation or a some fancy eye-lash extenshing mascara, but the truth is it really takes so much more effort than putting on a pair of figure hugging jeans to resolve life problems – ha, ha, ha :D, been there, done that and didn’t wear the t-shirt when I realised that things were so much more and gave away the t-shirt that persumed would take the problems away.

    Case-in-point, guess there comes a point in some peoples lifes where the realise the the soul that needs the work.

    So here I am, just not long started the Mind-Body-Soul life makeover.

    The blue print has been created…
    The action steps have been prepared…
    The plan for life is currently in process…

    And I can gladly say that I already feel so much better. All good things to come.

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