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The ultimate guide to quitting your job and pursuing your passion

I have created this ebook to hopefully inspire and help you with eventually breaking free from the shackles of everyday life and to pursue whatever passions and dreams that you wish to follow.

This ebook contains a mixture of my best articles and totally exclusive content that focuses on the following topics;

Page 3 – Don’t like doing something? Stop Now

Page 6 – Reasons why having a job is a bad idea

Page 9 – You are NOT your job

Page 11 – 5 Reasons why time is more important than money

Page 13 – 7 Reasons Why You Don’t Want to Quit Your Job (and how to ignore them)

Page 15 – Finding your passion

Page 18 – Do you have the courage ?

Page 20 – 6 steps to help you on your way

Personal experience

Page 23 – Retail is evil – Why I gave up my job

Page 27 – 6 Thing’s I’ve learned from 6 months without a job

Bonus content

Page 30 – How to hand in your notice (Exclusive content)

Page 32 – How to call in sick (Exclusive content)

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