40 Amazing Personal Development Bloggers to Watch In 2015 (plus my number 1 blog of the year)

top 40 personal development bloggers 2015 collage

I know what you’re thinking.

How did I get my hands on so many police mug shots huh? 😉

I’m only joking. Those 40 incredibly attractive individuals you see in the picture are my pick of the bloggers to rock my world over the last 12 months.

Yes, it’s completely subjective but until someone creates the blogging Olympics, this is how the cookie must crumble.

Seriously – someone please get on that…

Actually, I’ve seen blogging lists in the past with all sorts of arbitrary methods of deciding the running order. Alexa rankings, Google page rank, scoring systems based on comment numbers or articles per week and even how many people voted for that particular site. All easily manipulated and/or completely irrelevant.

My method is much fairer than that. If I think you’re cool, and I haven’t completely forgotten to include you – then you’re in! (I’ve forgotten someone.. I know it).

I was going to make it a top 50 list, but there has to be a certain cut off point otherwise it will just become a list of EVERYONE – which is kinda pointless.  This isn’t Yell.com.

What I would like you to do

Browse through the list and see if anyone catches your eye. Think of it like a dating site for bloggers 😉

Use this list as a resource. Bookmark it. Come back to it. Read, learn and gain inspiration from some of the greatest writers, motivators and thinkers in all t’internets.

If you’re on the list – Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

If I made any glaring errors (you know, like spelling your name wrong or including a picture from some random person) send me an email and I’ll correct it.

Find out who I called ‘the Batman of the internet’.

Find out who I think is the best writer in personal development.

And find out which blogger is sadly no longer with us…

Grab a brew and a chocolate Hobnob – this is going to a be a long one!

So here we go.. 

Best of the best – 13 Brilliant bloggers who walk the walk

SEAN OGLE – Location 180

In 2009, fed up with the 50 hour work weeks, Sean quit his job, moved to Thailand and started Location 180 as a way to hold himself accountable for all the things he wanted to do with his life. After building up a successful business in the SEO/internet marketing niche – he created Location Rebel as a way to teach others to follow the same path and live their own dream lifestyle.

Check out this blog if…

You need inspiration to quit your job or start your own business but you don’t want to hear the typical ‘entrepreneurial’ waffle. Sean comes across as a down to earth guy and his advice is always based on real world experience.

Recommended articlesMy last dayWhy my lifestyle business has been so successful6 Things no one tells you about running a business while travelling full time

MARK MANSON – MarkManson.net


Mark is a former pick up artist turned entrepreneur/author who entertains his 2 million monthly visitors with his peerless writing. Initially as a site for helping guys learn how to attract women, his blog has evolved over the last 6/7 years into an essential resource for self improvement. By focusing primarily on relationships, vulnerability, lifestyle and travel – Mark’s work ethic and dedication for providing high quality and original content is unparalleled.

Check out this this blog if…

You want to quit your job, travel the world and read the thoughts and opinions of a guy who is a living, breathing example of what is possible. Also hands down, the best writer I’ve come across.

Recommended articles – A dust over India – Shut up and kiss her – How to quit your day job and travel the world

JOEL RUNYON – Impossible

joel runyon

Joel sets out to push his body and mind past the limitations we often find ourselves in. His passion for adventure, thrill seeking and achieving the impossible are documented on his blog and in case you’re wondering – yes, he’s the ‘cold shower’ guy.

Check out this blog if…

You are feeling lazy and you like the idea of reading about a guy who runs ultra-marathons before breakfast.

Recommended articles – Cold shower therapy – How bad do you want it? – An unexpected ass kicking

TYNAN – Tynan.com


Another former pick up artist – Tynan is an entrepreneur, traveller and minimalist who gave up the idealist idea of living in a mansion to roam free in his RV. Also, as a former professional poker player, language enthusiast, computer programmer and author – his articles are always full of inspiring ideas and philosophies on how to work hard, but at the same time, live a full and rewarding life.

Check out this blog if…

The guy (and a bunch of friends) bought their very own island. Why on earth would you not want to read about that?

Recommended articles – My friends and I bought an island – Getting better all the time – How you can become a professional gambler

GEOFF THOMPSON – GeoffThompsonInspired.com

geoffGeoff is a former nightclub doorman and factory sweeper who overcame his crippling depression to become a bestselling author and world renowned martial arts instructor. He doesn’t believe in extraordinary people, just ordinary people who all have the capacity to achieve extraordinary things.

Check out this blog if…

You want to read the innermost thoughts of a guy who has knocked out over 300 people working as a bouncer. Oh, by the way – Chuck Norris regularly calls him for advice. Without Geoff, there would have been no Psycholocrazy.

Recommended articles – 100 hour master class – Extraordinary ordinary – Fear shedding

JOHNNY B TRUANT – JohnnyBTruant.com


Johnny is a prolific author who strives to be as legendary as possible in his own inimitable way, and by that, I mean he swears a lot and his abrasive and blunt writing style will grab you by the balls. He also has a newer blog, which can be found here.

Check out this blog if…

You like reading articles that get straight to the point, with an added dash of humour and zero tolerance for bullshit.

Recommended articles – The universe doesn’t give a flying fuck about you – Choose to be outstanding (or choose to continue to suck)  – How to live forever

PETER CLEMENS – The Change Blog

peter-315x390Following a period of unhappiness and the sudden realisation he was going to be a father – Peter started his blog as a way to share his own experiences and to inspire change in others. Now he is the owner of one of the most popular personal development (and guest posting) sites on the internet.

Check out this blog if…

You are fascinated with change and are inspired by stories of everyday people turning their lives around.

Recommended articlesHow I learned to deal with rejection (my guest post) – You are the author of your own story24 Daily habits

JAMES CLEAR – JamesClear.com


James is a travel photographer who happens to write some of the most thought provoking, motivating and straight-to-the-point content online. Even though his website is relatively new – James has built up a ridiculously large following by maintaining a prolific web presence and discovering new and interesting ways to inspire and educate.

Check out this blog if…

You haven’t the time to read 2000 word articles, but you want to learn something new in 5 minutes.

Recommended articlesSuccessful people start before they feel readyForget about setting goals. Focus on this insteadPhoto Essay: The Northern Lights in Norway (and the “Do It Now” Motto)

JOEL BROWN – Addicted2Success

Joel-BrownJoel is an Australian entrepreneur who created this website in 2011 to empower and inspire people towards success. Over the last few years, Addicted2Success has grown to become one of the most popular personal development websites in the world.

Check out this blog if…

You want to read, watch and listen to inspirational content from a wide variety of authors on what it takes to be successful.

Recommended articles – 10 Life lessons learned from suddenly quitting my job (my guest post)7 Ludicrous lies you keep telling yourself10 Signs you are addicted to failure

RYAN HOLIDAY – RyanHoliday.net

Ryan Holiday is a media strategist and published author who writes about the things he wishes other blogs would pay attention to, such as dealing with assholes, how to be self-critical and self-aware, humility, philosophy, reading and strategy. He also shares his passion for books and regularly updates his readers with an astonishing list of recommended titles.

Check out this blog if…

You want to read practical and relevant advice about everything from writing and promoting books to making the most out of your life. Ryan’s wisdom and outlook on success is essential information for anyone looking to get ahead.

Recommended articlesHow to Read More – a Lot More – Advice to a Young Man Hoping to Go Somewhere (or get something from someone successful) – So You Want to Be a Writer? That’s Mistake #1

Kyle Eschenroeder/Will Mitchell – StartupBros 


As best friends, successful entrepreneurs and internet marketing geniuses; Will and Kyle teamed up to develop StartupBros as a way of sharing their knowledge and helping other wannabe entrepreneurs (wantrepreneurs?) build their own first successful business. They write everything (and I mean everything – some of their articles are eBooks in their own right) from locating goods, product development and importing to creating the perfect logo for your brand and some kickass motivation articles to boot.

Check out this blog if…

You’re starting a new business and you have far too many questions. StartupBros will give you everything you need to hit the ground running.

Recommended articles – 21 Proven Ways To Overcome Impostor Syndrome – Killing the 7 Motivation MurderersHow To Start a Successful Business with $100

TIM BROWNSON – A Daring Adventure 

10460181_798886020144513_1500690238314865307_nTim is an experienced life coach, author of 9 books and one of the most respected personal development bloggers in the world. A Daring Adventure is full of actionable and scientific advice to help you become unstuck and live a more positive life. Tim writes about a wide range of topics including happiness, change, motivation, the brain, fear, goal setting, procrastination and isn’t afraid to stir up a bit of controversy in the process. If you would like to find out more about Tim and his life coaching services click here.

Check out this blog if…

You want a website that will help you out regardless of your situation. If Tim hasn’t written about it – then it’s probably not worth writing about. It’s all here.

Recommended articles – What Is Life Coaching? – How To Avoid Self Sabotage – 30 Amazing Facts About Your Brain

TYLER TERVOOREN – Riskology   


As his bio says; Tyler explores social psychology and shares original research and insights about winning at life, work, and adventure by taking smarter risks. He is a successful entrepreneur and traveller and is the kind of guy you want to learn from if you’re willing to abandon your existing path in search of a better, more exciting life.

Check out this blog if…

You want to spend time on a beautifully designed website, read thought provoking content and walk away feeling like you’re a little bit smarter than you were before.

Recommended articlesThe Psychology of Dressing Well (And Why You Must To Get Anywhere In Life)This Harvard Study Can Predict When You’ll Make Bad Decisions (And When You’ll Make Good Ones)Lazy Expert Syndrome: What Brought Down Al Capone Can Keep You On Top Of Your Game 

Future superstars! – 8 Bloggers who should see awesome growth in 2015

MAXINE SCHIFFMAN – The Leader Of Tomorrow

Maxine-webOriginally from Germany but currently living and studying in the UK, Maxine focuses on helping others change the relationship they have with themselves by accepting their flaws and maximising their potential.

Check out this blog if…

You’re stuck in flux of negativity and self-resentment; knowing there are reasons to be positive but for some reason you can’t seem to shake off your insecurities.

Recommended articlesThe Power of Finding Your Strengths and Natural Talents 6 Ridiculous Ways How You Shatter Your ConfidenceThe most persuasive reasons why you must follow your dreams

LUDVIG SUNSTROM – StartGainingMomentum

frilagdredigerad-287x350Ludvig Writes about practical self-development, self-education, success philosophy and stepping up in life. He believes in creating your own life purpose by taking actionable steps towards your goals.

Check out this blog if…

You’re tired of aimlessly reading self-development articles and you want to start putting theory into practice.

Recommended articlesHow to Become a Momentum Machine: Combine Powerful Psychological Principles to Boost Motivation, Build Self-Esteem, And Be a Winner Every DayHow I got Ripped in 2 Years by Following These 13 PrinciplesHow To Understand And Use The Power of Incremental Change (and why most people don’t)

VINCENT NGUYEN – Self Stairway


Vincent, originally from southern California, dropped out of college to pursue his dream job as a marketing director in the Philippines. His blog provides actionable advice without the sugar coating and waffle.

Check out this blog if…

You’re stuck in a personal rut and maybe lack the confidence or skills to change your ways. Check out Vincent’s work and receive some cool advice from a wise head (on young shoulders). Get his free eBook here.

Recommended articles40 Things I Wish I Knew Sooner (The Compact Guide to Life)How to Be Confident, Meet People, and Influence OthersWhat No One Talks About, The Downsides of Success

JESSICA SWEET – WishingWell Life Coaching
jess sweet

Jessica is a life and career coach with over 15 years of experience in personal development and the helping professions. She has a proven track record of helping people make that all important first step out of mediocrity and into the life they were born to live.

Check out this blog if…

You want to feel inspired enough to throw down your tools and charge out of the door in pursuit of the career you’ve always dreamed of having.

Recommended articlesTop 5 tips for a career change at 40Fear: a resourceful guide How to wake the hell up to your passion and purpose now

RYAN BONAPARTE – Crazy Enough to Try

ShefReynolds-6Ryan, a Materials Science and Engineering graduate from MIT and Colombia, is driven to seek out a life where merely surviving is not an option. He is also the author of the book from which his blog takes its name – you can purchase a copy here.

Check out this blog if…

You want to read some short, inspiring and original thoughts on a wide range of topics such as success, finding your life purpose and challenging society’s expectations.

Recommended articlesPatience, your dreams will take timeConversations on passion: Doug MenuezSelectivity breeds success

S.J SCOTT – Develop Good Habits

S.J is a prolific author and a big believer in developing strong habits through planning, having a set routine and not giving up your power in the misguided belief you’ll get what you want if you just wish for it hard enough… Law of attraction – we’re looking at you. You can find S.J’s extensive collection of published books here.

Check out this blog if…

You’re a naturally talented procrastinator or you simply need help developing good habits and self-discipline – SJ is your man.

Recommended articles – 175+ Top Habit Books (or How to Never Run Out of Books to Read) –  15 Smart Hacks for Maximizing Productivity13 Habits To Make An Amazing First Impression (Every Time)

MICAH YONGO – Thoughthouse

Micah YongoMicah, who is a self-confessed freelance writer, aspiring novelist, videographer and learning addict – is one of the most fascinating writers in the blogging world. Often coming at a subject from a unique angle, he manages to drag you inside his thought process and leave you wiser as a result.

Check out this blog if…

You’re interested in reading a collection of alternative viewpoints and philosophies on growth, work, art, health, culture, and everything else in between.

Recommended articlesThe Art of FailureWhy Humility is a Bigger Deal Than You ThinkWhy You Need to Laugh More

STEPHEN GUISE – Deep Existence

Taking a scientific look into personal development, Best-selling author Stephen Guise helps others change their losing mentalities like motivation and multi-tasking, into winning strategies such as minimalism, focus and building life changing habits. Grab his book ‘Mini Habits’ here.

Check out this blog if…

You’re interested in reading about personal development from a scientific and psychological viewpoint, whilst being entertained in the process.

Recommended articlesShould I Get Motivated Or Use Willpower? The Ultimate Guide For Taking Action When You Don’t Feel Like ItHow To Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes That Last Forever – The Ultimate GuideWhy You Should Stop Caring About Results

Original, quirky and awesome. 5 Bloggers who are doing it right.

CHRIS BAILEY – A Life of Productivity

After graduating business school and turning down every job offer that came his way, Chris chose to spend his time following his passion for productivity by putting himself through various experiments as a blogging guinea pig. From only eating Soylent for a week to hiding himself in total isolation for 10 days (and a load of madness in between) – A life of productivity is one very intriguing website.

Check out this blog if…

You enjoy reading about the crazy and interesting things people put themselves through so you don’t have to. Chris’ experiments are fascinating, enjoyable and every one will leave you with fresh ideas and inspiration which you can use in your own day to day life.

Recommended articles –  The top 10 things I learned meditating for 35 hours last weekThe top 10 lessons I learned from A Year of Productivity – The Productivity Experiment I Failed Miserably: Eating only “soylent” for a week

RAZWANA WAHID – Your work is your life

10258112_10151999553055047_5247170133612395244_oRaz, swapped the cold and rainy North England for the slightly warmer and just as wet Paris. When not offering wine to anyone within earshot, she is one part copywriter and one part purveyor of freedom and all it entails. In other words – she spreads the message of following your core values and defining your own terms, while at the same time ensuring your brand is as sexy as possible by offering various copywriting services to flip your product 180. Read her awesome words and sign up here.

Check out this blog if…

You have a brilliant product, website or story to tell and you perhaps lack the marketing and writing skills to really sell it. Better call Raz.

Recommended articles – Your Work is Your Life – whatever does that mean? – 4 ways to add spunk to your writing (with botox and The Big Apple)Why sucky writing means sucky sales, and why I’ll be seeing you up the wazoo

SEBASTIAN – Shots of Insight

Originally from Paraguay and now living in Texas, USA – Sebastian is living proof that it doesn’t matter where you come from or what your circumstances, change is possible. Following a motorcycle accident he set about sculpting the body of his dreams with a lot of effort and even more pancakes. To find out how Sebastian achieved his physique – check out his book ‘The Pancakes Diet’.

Check out this blog if…

You want to read about how this incredibly determined guy challenged convention and succeeded on his own terms – by eating the food he wants – not what ‘they’ told him to eat.

Recommended articles – Questions And Answers #1 – These People Are Full Of ShitShould I Take An Off Day?

DAVID CAIN – Raptitude

David CainRaptitude is unique – at least as far as I can tell. It’s the only personal development website I have read which doesn’t explicitly offer advice. The way David approaches his subjects is from a personal experience viewpoint – often feeling like he is simply writing whatever comes into his head at any given time. It’s a blog about being human; and getting better at it. Every article makes you think and it’s not just his ideas, but his ability as a writer that really makes this work. He also has a book titled ‘You Are Here’.

Check out this blog if…

If bullet point articles and the usual personal development posts are getting a little tiresome and you want to read something filled to the brim with depth and purpose – check out Raptitude.

Recommended articles – A Day in the FutureThe Person You Used to Be Still Tells You What to DoYou Are Another Bull In the China Shop

ALDEN TAN – Alden-Tan.com

Alden Tan
Alden is a rare breed in this game. Every word that spills from his fingertips does so without a hint of pretence, dishonesty or sugar-coating. Believing in complete transparency – from admitting his own personal flaws to giving out the best advice he can gather without the cheesiness we’ve all grown wary of over the years; Alden is as refreshing as he is awesome. Grab his book ‘This Shit Called Life’ here.

Check out this blog if…

You’re not easily offended by a bit of swearing and a few home truths. If this sounds like you – you’ll love this guy.

Recommended articles – 13 kinds of flowery bullshit people say to manipulate you – How to Get Over the Death of a Loved OneThis is a call out to the self-help world and all its bullshit practitioners 

11 Other great bloggers you need in your life

TREVOR WILSON – A Call to Action 

Profile2A scary looking weight lifter with a passion for baking? Yep that’s Trevor. One of the nicest guys I’ve met whilst in the blogging game and definitely one of the most emotive writers out there. He simply tells it like it is. Unfortunately this blog is no longer active – but check it out while it’s still up. Great content here.

Recommended articles – The Ultimate Steak and Eggs Diet for Rapid Fat Loss –  6 Self-Help Mistakes That Hold People Back (Which Ones Are YOU Making?) –  When a Friend Attempts Suicide

STEVE BLOOM – Do Something Cool 

Me2Another former pick up artist (they’re everywhere), qualified English teacher, former criminal background investigator and traveller – Steve is on a quest to learn as much as possible and he shares his philosophy on risk taking and making the most out of the only life we have.

Recommended articles – Your Physical and Mental Limits are an Illusion –  The Difference Between You and People Doing Awesome Things – Why Experiences are Better Than Possessions

DAN ERICKSON – DanErickson.net

Dan-erickson-37Dan is writer, poet, musician, songwriter and a minimalist who believes in the less is more approach to life. He is also the owner of several other websites such as HipDiggs, SimpleWriter and SimpleBlogger which focus on minimalism, writing and… yep you’ve guessed it; blogging.

Recommended articles5 Reasons To Turn Off Your TV Screen Unclutter Your Space, Unclutter Your Life – Do Less: Say No More Often

DAN BLACK – DanBlackOnLeadership

c6ec47758900ce4bff4632bef9811decAnother Dan, and another genuinely nice guy. As a drug and alcohol rehab Case Manager, a Behaviour Specialist for foster kids and a volunteer youth leader – Dan has a proven track record of helping others and leading by example – something which he now translates to his website. He is also the author of ‘The Leadership Mandate’ which you can find here.

Recommended articles4 Practical Ways to Develop Yourself – How Leaders Handle Personal Weaknesses5 Essential Characteristics of Leading

REBECCA BEATON – RebeccaBeaton.com

Rebecca BeatonAfter 2 years spent building a successful business as a career coach, Rebecca has developed the experience to finally turn her passion into a full time job. With a background in counselling and life coaching, she is also able to offer unique support with the ‘inner game’ of starting a business. If you need a bit of direction and help taking the plunge into the unknown, hire Rebecca by clicking here.

Recommended articlesTaking the Leap: From Job Dissatisfaction to Dream Business!Busting the Overnight Success MythWhy You Should Start Your Own Business

RAGNAR MILJETEIG – Tangible Freedom 

Ragnar Terjeson MiljeteigHe’s an English speaking Norwegian, fluent in Japanese, and lives in Thailand just to prove he can practise the location independency he helps others achieve. Ragnar’s blog (which is currently inactive) focuses on practical tips for starting and maintaining a location independent lifestyle, positivity and goal getting. You can also hire Ragnar as a copy/freelance writer by clicking here.

Recommended articlesWhat The Fuck Am I Supposed To Do With My Life? The Frustration Of IndecisionWhen Changing Is Hard… 5 Steps To Follow ThroughHow To Live Comfortably In Chiang Mai For Under 500$ Per Month

PAIGE BURKES – Simple Mindfulness

Paige BurkesOne of the first personal development blogs I stumbled across, and I believe, the very first I commented on. Paige helps to inspire others to lead a more fulfilling and mindful life by first learning to accept our situation and then taking personal responsibility for our actions.

Recommended articlesHow to Deal Effectively With Difficult People (and Some Other Secrets)What Does Success Look Like To You?Your Attitude Determines Your Outcome

KEVIN COLE – The Mental Playground

Kevin ColeKevin is a writer and entrepreneur with a passion for exploring the inner workings of the mind. He sets out, not to give advice, but to let others read his own theories and philosophies with the attitude that as we are all different – we should be allowed to make our own mistakes in life. As The Mental Playground is still under construction – the following articles are from his previous website – Perform Destiny.

Recommended articlesWhen You May Be DyingIt’s Never Too Early to Start12 Lessons Learned From 12 Months On The Unconventional Path

BRENDAN BAKER – The Start of Happiness

brendan-baker2Brendan is a former corporate monkey who ditched the high life and the six figure salary in favour of spreading the happiness manifesto and following the theory that we shouldn’t spend our lives doing the things we don’t like. Brendan’s articles (and many guest posts) are designed to bring back a little bit of the joy and happiness to your world.

Recommended articles – The 43 Habits of Absolutely Happy People – AKA the Happiness ManifestoThe Power of a Smile – How Smiling Can Change Your Life and Change the WorldHow to Expand Your Comfort Zone

DANA GORE – I Choose Awareness

ee1366594645Dana is an award winning author and fitness enthusiast who ditched her boring career to charge head first into the unknown. With a no BS approach – she inspires her readers to seek self-awareness as a means to achieve overall well-being and inner-peace. Even though Dana has taken some time away from her blog recently to focus on other freelance work – she vows to come back with a vengeance in 2015! Check out her book “A Simple Guide to Exercise Safety – (What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You)”.

Recommended articlesIs Our Ego Our Enemy? –  Bullshit – the Road to Enlightenment?  – Questioning Our Thoughts

ED HERZOG – EdHerzog.com

me5Although Ed doesn’t like to be known as a blogger, I had to include him in this list as he writes inspiring and no nonsense articles about relationships, transformation and how to find a more fulfilling career. As a certified life coach – you can work with Ed here.

Recommended articlesYou Can’t Reach EveryoneClean Up Your Own Mess FirstThe Happiness Pill

A bloggers best friend – 2 Guys who will teach you everything you need to know about running your own successful website

RAMSAY TAPLIN – Blog Tyrant 


You may be wondering why I have included a blogger who blogs about blogging in a list of personal development bloggers… (That’s a lot of blog). It’s simple – he’s hugely successful at what he does. Since his early twenties, Ramsay has created and sold numerous websites, all from the comfort of his own home in Adelaide, Australia.

Perhaps the best thing about Ramsay is his willingness to chat with his readers. He always hangs around in the comments section and responds to every email he receives. Affectionately called his ‘Tyrant Troops’, the Blog Tyrant community is the foundation upon which Ramsay builds his success.

Check out this blog if…

This is easy. If you own a website of any kind, your chance of success will increase dramatically by reading the following three articles.

Recommended articlesHow I Sold a Blog for $20,000 in 8 MonthsMy Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Blog and Dominate Your Niche41 Tips that Put Over 10,000 People on My Email Subscriber List 

GLEN ALLSOPP – ViperChill 

viperchillGlen is to the internet like Batman is to Gotham. You might not always agree with his methods or his ideas, but there is absolutely no one better at taking on the big boys (Google) at their own game – and winning. He has spent the last few years devising and testing ways to optimise websites and to push what is possible with SEO and internet marketing. It kinda sucks that he doesn’t blog regularly, but when he does – each article is a game changer.

Glen cut his teeth with his own successful personal development site a few years ago and is a prime example of what can be achieved by working tirelessly and providing immense value to your readers.

Check out this blog if…

You’ve built yourself a solid website (with the help of Ramsay) and you want to start annihilating the competition.

Recommended articlesHow to Reach 100,000,000 Unique Visitors in Just 6 Months$100,000 in One Week, a Viral Nova Follow-Up2 Million Backlinks and 15 SEO Answers from Google’s Matt Cutts

Blog of the year 2014

MARTIN MANLEY – My Life and Death 

130823144747-life-and-death-02-story-topYou may have heard of Martin already. He was a well-known sports statistician and blogger from Kansas, USA who made headlines when he took his own life on 15th August 2013 – his 60th birthday.

Generally, suicides don’t make front page news unless the person in question is a certain level of celebrity. Martin was an exception for one very peculiar reason – he blogged about it.

He chose to end his life because he was terrified of growing old. He claimed not to have any mental or physical illness and suicide was his way of ending life on his own terms.

Martin’s blog is equal parts bizarre and fascinating. Perhaps knowing it’s impossible to seek answers from the dead – he explains everything in great detail – from the logic, emotion and rationale of his decision all the way to his quest to seek out the perfect method of suicide and how he planned to leave this blog as his legacy.

I personally found his thoughts somewhat inspiring. As someone who lost a former bandmate last year the exact same way, I’ve always been curious as to how and why decisions such as this are made.

He was either deeply mentally ill or the sanest man alive – make up your own mind.

There is a chance the link may not work in the future. His original web host took the site down shortly after it going live, only for Anonymous to hack their way in and put it back up for everyone to see (as per Martin’s wish). Since then it has gone down and popped back up on various other domains/web addresses. If you find the link above doesn’t work – please let me know and I’ll track down one that does – thanks.

Check out this blog if…

You want to read the innermost thoughts, feelings and fears of a man in the lead up to his own death.

Recommended articlesWhy Suicide? – Suicide Preface – Self Serving

So who have I missed out?
Which blogger is your personal favourite?
Are you on this list? 

Let me know in the comments and if you found this useful – please share it on Facebook or Twitter by clicking those wonderfully coloured social media buttons below. Thanks!

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Jamie is a guitar teacher and writer who hates the typical 9-5 existence. After quitting his job to enter the world of guitar tuition, he created this blog to document his thoughts and struggles as he takes on societies norms armed with nothing more than his cheeky wit and undeniable charm - Give his Facebook page a like, add him on Twitter or follow his Google+ page and he will repay you with even more awesome words!


  1. Jamie,

    Thank-you so much for including me in this list. I feel so honored and humbled.
    I’ll have to visit the blogs of the other people mentioned here. I used to visit Trevor’s and I’ll admit that he wrote some pretty epic content…as do you.

    This is one of those unexpected little gifts that I had never given any thought to when I took the risks I did (along with the guest post here last year), and I really appreciate this – and you.
    Thanks again 🙂
    Dana recently posted..The Powerful Energy of the Creative ProcessMy Profile

    • Hey Dana, no problem. It’s a shame Trevor doesn’t keep up with his blog – here’s hoping he gets back on it sometime.

      And you! Put a bit of love back into that blog of yours! 😉

  2. Hey Jamie!
    Wow, it must’ve taken you a while to put together this list. Nonetheless, thanks for doing so–and for including me!

    Here’s to growth in 2015.

    Ludvig sunström recently posted..How to Write Your Strategic ObjectiveMy Profile

  3. Great list!
    I was looking a Alexa ranking list the other day which wasn’t so helpful as there semed to be a lot of blogs still trading on historic sucess.
    All the best for your own blog in 2015.
    Peter Ewin Hall recently posted..Do I need more new stuff?My Profile

    • Hey Peter, thanks for commenting! I’ve never found Alexa to be worth paying attention to. This time last year my Alexa ranking was over twice as high as it is now – but far less traffic.

      Thanks a lot, and keep up the good work yourself!

  4. Wow, thanks for including me on such a great list!!!

    Recently I’ve been focusing on writing guest posts. In December, I had a post on Elephant Journal called “5 Steps: How To Really Make Our Lives Our Own” which seemed to really strike a chord with people. The article can be accessed via the link below (Two Recent Guest Posts).

    I also have forthcoming posts on Tiny Buddha and Thank the Now.

    Of course, as Jamie mentioned, my primary passion is working one-on-one with people to help them build meaningful lives.
    Ed Herzog recently posted..Two Recent Guest PostsMy Profile

    • Hey Ed, good to know you’re putting the guest posts out there. As they say, for every post you write on your own blog, you should write two guest posts.. easier said than done though (probably why I haven’t done that). Good luck with them! Thanks for your comment.

  5. I didn’t know about Martin Manley. I’ve just looked around the site and read a few articles… I’m speechless.

  6. You finished the post ! Nice work, Jamie. And of course, thank you for including me.

    I’m going to read Martin’s site now. Intrigue …
    Razwana wahid recently posted..Selling ice to Eskimos? Possibly the dumbest thing you can doMy Profile

  7. Jamie,
    I can’t believe you included me in this list! I’m floored! I’ll do everything I can to prove your prediction for 2015 correct. Thank you so much for including me.

    I love this list and of course am going to start digging through it. I’m honored to be included with such amazing company!

    Jessica Sweet recently posted..Back At Work? Here’s Hope If You’re Fed UpMy Profile

    • Hey, well, if you keep writing good stuff then you’re gonna get included..

      You better prove me correct.. or I’ll look like I don’t know what I’m talking about. 😉

  8. Great post and list of bloggers. Thanks for including me.

  9. Joel Runyon is the cold shower guy? Awesome! I’ll have to check out what he says. I just completed a 30 day cold shower experiment on Jan 1st. Even after the 30 days, I’m still taking cold showers. Actually, I just took one. I’m a convert!

    It’s admirable how much work you put into this list, Jamie. You went above and beyond by highlighting bloggers’ strengths and focal points. I’m honored you mentioned Deep Existence.

    This list is missing one though — Jamie from Psycholocrazy. 🙂

    Are you still writing articles for cracked?

    Stephen Guise recently posted..The 30 Day Cold Shower Experiment (Complete!)My Profile

    • Hey Stephen, I read about your experiment and I have to say you’re insane. Then again, I’ve always been a bath guy (cold baths.. imagine…). Awesome mental strength though – I’m envious – it takes balls of ice to what you’ve done. 😉

      Funnily enough, I’ve started researching as I’m intending to get back on the Cracked thing as soon as possible. Have you written one yet?

      • Haha, balls of ice indeed. I actually took a winter ocean swim during this experiment (air was 70 degrees, water was 65). I thought it was easier to be immersed in cold water than to be constantly sprinkled with it like a cold shower, so maybe I would like a cold bath more? Eh, no. Probably not!

        Awesome, I look forward to see what you write for them next! I have not written for Cracked yet. I’ve thought about it though, as I like their fun style of writing.
        Stephen Guise recently posted..15 Posts For 6 Common Life ProblemsMy Profile

  10. What a list!

    Thanks so much for including me amongst that great company. Really means a lot.

    Ramsay recently posted..VITAL: 15 Predictions to Read Before You Start a Blog in 2015My Profile

    • Hey, you’ve given me plenty of advice and tips over the last year, so thanks for taking the time to comment, thanks!

  11. Such a pleasure to be mentioned here, Jamie! How long did it take you to write all this???

    By the way, bookmarked. 🙂

    • Hey, thanks, no problem 🙂

      How long? On average I’d say about 30 minutes per person. The hardest part was formatting it all when putting it into a new post. That was fiddlier than a fiddled thing – especially as I’m really pedantic about layouts and such.

  12. Wow, I feel so honored to be a part of this list, thank you so much. There are so many great blogs on here that I can’t wait to check out and follow. I’m going to have to step my game up!
    Ryan Bonaparte recently posted..If You’re Not Passionate, You’re Missing OutMy Profile

  13. Hi Jamie,

    This is a great list! Thank you so much for including me, what an honor:) now off to read check out some of the people you mentioned, that I do not know yet!

  14. Wow. The Martin Manley blog was intriguing. I wasn’t expecting that. Since he gave copyrights up does that mean someone could turn it into an ebook and publish it? Curious, because he was actually a great writer. And the Royals went to the World Series and he was wondering if they would ever be good again, how bizarre. thanks for the list…

    • I don’t know what the legality is of making a profit on someone else’s work – even if they have released the rights. It’s an interesting idea though. Thanks for your comment, Rob.

  15. Thank you so much for including me in this amazing list, Jamie!
    Feeling honoured and thankful that we got in touch last year through A2S.

    Have heard of many of the bloggers you mentioned but there are still several new faces that I’m dying to look up 🙂

    Keep being amazing!

  16. Nice list – with your list along with Brendan’s, I think I’ll have plenty of great reading for the year ahead. Cheers!
    AJ Walton recently posted..How To Travel The World (For Free) – The Only Travel Hacking Guide You’ll Ever NeedMy Profile

  17. Awesome list!! I like how you took the time to tell me about the blogs and provided some suggested readings. I’ve seen (and have been included in) many of the other “top lists” and it is more of a popularity thing (if the blogger making the list has heard of you, you are in).

    There are some on this list I haven’t heard of and am checking them out once I finish commenting. Thanks for sharing!!
    Don @ Breath of Optimism recently posted..Dream Big, Start SmallMy Profile

    • Thanks Don. I’m not a fan of lists for the sake of lists – so I thought I would give the reader something interesting to read while they browse through the blogs. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

  18. Quite the compilation you’ve put together Jamie.

    Looks like some great bloggers to check out and learn more about.

    Maybe someday my own blog at http://www.MentoredLife.com will make the list.

    Best of Success,
    Dan Giercke recently posted..Getting Organic Traffic In Only 15 DaysMy Profile

  19. Hey Jamie, thanks for including me on this list! And long time no see, err, talk, err, chat? Lucky for you I’m actually going to be blogging in this new year so maybe I will be one to watch, haha! Some stuff happened and I left the blogosphere for a few months. You might think that I’ve gone to the dark side I have a job, and a desk in an office and a boss and stuff but I actually enjoy my job. (I teach English to Thai first graders basically.) But I do think that just having a full-time job adds another dimension of difficulty to self-improvement. Which is why it’s probably more important than ever to stick with writing.
    Ragnar recently posted..I Have A ‘Day Job’ And I Like ItMy Profile

    • Hey, great to hear from you! There’s nothing wrong with getting a job if you enjoy it – that’s the whole point. Good.. er, job. 🙂

  20. Sidenote – We seem to have a very similar ‘taste’ in personal development bloggers. A lot of my favorites are on this list too, haha.
    Ragnar recently posted..I Have A ‘Day Job’ And I Like ItMy Profile

  21. Thanks for sharing this list. But i believe there are still a lot more better personal development bloggers who were not captured in your list. How do they get enlisted? Thanks.

  22. Great list .
    I have read articles from a few of them.
    You got me curious about My life and death.
    Start-up bros are great.Will have to read Viperchill.
    Pique Dan recently posted..Let us love before we dieMy Profile

  23. Great List Jamie!

    You’ve created a personal development blogging source on your own!

    I hope my own blog: http://www.wealthymorons.com makes your wonderful list in the future.

    Thanks again!

    Heitem Ak
    Heitem Ak recently posted..5 Simple Steps to Follow Through and Never Give up on Your ProjectsMy Profile

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