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My guest posts

I write guest posts for other top websites and here is a collection of what I have written so far.

Addicted 2 Success
10 Life lessons learned from suddenly quitting my job
7 Common excuses that are all in your head

Tiny Buddha
Keep moving towards success, one failure at a time

The Huffington Post
6 Things you really need to know about introverts
How to cope with loneliness during the holiday season

4 Reasons why today is going to be awesome
5 Ways to embrace your adventurous side
5 Little known ways to instantly put yourself in a great mood
How to be the hero of your own story
6 Common sense tips to immediately improve your life

The Change Blog
How I learned to deal with rejection

Purpose Fairy
6 Reasons you should love the people you hate

My supercharged life
Make your passion a full time job

Change your thoughts
6 Trigger signs to let you know it’s time to change your world
4 Reasons why you should never aim for retirement

White dove books
It’s never too late to go for it
You are stronger than you think

Dan Black on Leadership
How to remain calm when all around you there is chaos

Other articles I have written
5 Authority figures no one realised were con artists
5 Strangest ways that petty criminals escaped punishment
5 People who survived certain death (using cartoon physics)
The 5 creepiest parenting tactics ever attempted
The 6 most aggressively stupid acts of human endurance
5 Real life stories of twins creepier than any horror movie
The 5 ballsiest ways fans have affected the outcome of games
5 Brain hacks that give you mind blowing powers
7 Most insane things done in the name of love
4 Climbers who gave altitude the middle finger
4 Mobile homes that put most houses to shame

Write for Psycholocrazy

If you are interested in writing a guest article for this blog then please feel free to get in touch with your ideas. The themes of this blog include;

– How to quit your job, following your passion and anything related in this area. Have an original take on this though.

– Numbered list articles focused on improving an aspect of your life.

– Health and fitness with tips on how to implement various ideas.

– Interesting observations about the world or personal life stories.

– Basically I will consider anything that is interesting within the personal development umbrella if it is informative, original and good enough to go on your own blog (if you’re a blogger obviously).

Important points to remember

– Please  submit your idea first to ensure that it works for me. I usually reply pretty quickly.

– When writing the article, please remember to thoroughly check the spelling and grammar.

– I’m not overly fussy about the file as long as it works in Microsoft Word.

Benefits of writing a guest post

– This websites page rank is increasing every day due to some great back links from highly reputable sites such as

– You can benefit from receiving some of this ‘link juice’ back to your blog. This is currently a page rank ‘3’ website and will only rise higher in future.

– You can submit an author bio with your post containing a short description of you and your site with 2/3 back links.

– Guest posting is open to anyone and it has been proven to be the best way to increase the reputation of your site and to spread the word about who you are and your brand.

If you would like to get in touch then please email me at jamie DOT flexman AT gmail DOT com or use the contact form here.

Note: I only talk directly to bloggers or those wishing to write a guest post themselves. No agents, assistants or publicists please. Also, it is obvious if you have just copy/pasted a message, so don’t do that. Finally, it is also obvious if you are not familiar with the articles usually written on Psycholocrazy – That’s right, I won’t accept any guest posts just to swap links, review products or other borderline spammy rubbish. If you haven’t taken the time to read my articles or to write me a personal message, then I don’t have the time to reply – it’s a two way street!

That being said, if you have a quirky idea… fantastic, the more original, the better!