7 reasons why you don’t want to quit your job (and how to ignore them)

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You’re probably reading this for one of two reasons. Either you have some kind of dissatisfaction with your job or I bribed you with a promise of chocolate biscuits and copious amounts of alcohol.

Don’t worry I’m not stooping that low (unless it would work, let me know…).

Anyway, if you’re here because of the first reason then what I’ve done is written an article detailing a lot of the common excuses we can come up with when faced with the reality of change.

1. I can’t quit because I have no idea what to do instead.

Come on of course you know. Think back to when you were a little person, running around wiping your nose and tripping over unwanted toys. You had a dream, you had a plan. Ok you probably wanted to be a monkey or something but a dream is a dream right?

Embrace that feeling but instead of trying to change your whole genetic makeup, focus on doing something that creates such a fire in your belly that it makes you want to eat a thousand ghost chilli’s just to cool yourself down.

We all grew up with an idea of what we wanted to be and the chances are you are not doing anything even remotely as cool right now. Personalities and dreams change with age, I get that. But never allow yourself to settle for something that just isn’t you.

Remember – “Being realistic is the most commonly travelled path to mediocrity”.

2. I can’t quit because I won’t be able to pay my rent

Well if you quit your job and just sit around on your backside for the next 5 years then you’re totally right, you won’t be able to pay your rent. On the plus side, you can probably find a nice family sized cardboard box and if you’re lucky, a bus shelter with a non-leaking roof.

But let’s assume you’re not totally insane and you use your noggin, there is no reason why this should even be an issue.

Before you quit you can find yourself a job that is far more enjoyable or if you’d prefer to start your own business then you currently have the opportunity to save up to make that transition far easier.

3. I can’t quit because this is a respectable job

Says who? Ahh I get it. You’ve got your sensible hat on, well done.

So you’re trying to remember what your careers adviser drilled into you when you told them about your monkey ambitions. Let me help you.

“Stop being an idiot. You should get a respectable job that would make your mother proud. Try working in an office or even better, tell disillusioned teenagers what to do with their lives.”

Fantastic you did it, you have a respectable job but are you really happy? Don’t just stay in a job you hate because society arbitrarily dictates that it’s a ‘respectable’ position. Your own self-respect is far more important.

4. I can’t quit because this job is my identity

Now this is even worse than the respect thing. If your self-esteem and your self-worth is attached to what you do for a living then you have some issues my friend. I’ll wait here while you go and slap yourself in the face.

Done? Awesome.

It doesn’t matter if you clean out toilets for a living or if you’re a world renowned heart surgeon. We are all human, with the same hopes and fears as each other. Behind that title we are all the same deep down and we should all try to find peace with ourselves, not the person we present to the world.

5. I can’t quit because I’m worried about what people will think

Does this include me? Because I think you need to man up (woman up?) and take some responsibility in your own life for a change.

Now stop crying and pay attention.

We’re all wary about what our peers think, it’s somewhat natural but it’s totally ridiculous to live your life trying to please everyone around you. The truth is, people rarely give a damn what you do as long as it isn’t affecting them directly. Nobody cares if you stay bored in your job or if you try to follow your passion.

The only person that should care and the only person you should listen to is you.

6. I can’t quit because I’m not a quitter

You’re a ‘stayer’ though, which in this context is even worse.

How does it feel to wake up every day and dread getting out of bed? You can change this feeling anytime you want, all it takes is a bit of self-belief and a shot of courage.

No I don’t mean Whiskey. Put it down.

It takes courage to make a big change in life and a lot of people struggle to find it, at least initially, but try to remember that everything starts with a first step.

If you’re too worried about handing in your notice that’s understandable but for now focus on researching your future. Apply for better jobs, rediscover your passions, save some money, get everything in place so that when you do make that change, you have everything in place to start living the life you want.

7. I can’t quit because… erm.

Ha! You’re struggling now to think of an excuse aren’t you?

What’s that? You can’t quit your job because your dog ate it? This isn’t homework.

Face it, it doesn’t matter what you try and do, a million and one (or 6) excuses will do their utmost to convince you to stay where you are. This is just a fear of the unknown, an attempt to make you stay within you comfort zone. It’s not real.

If you genuinely want to do something different with your life, regardless whether it’s about your career or just your life situation, knowledge is everything. Do your research, plan it out, prepare for any hiccups along the way and most importantly make sure you keep moving forward.

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Jamie is a guitar teacher and writer who hates the typical 9-5 existence. After quitting his job to enter the world of guitar tuition, he created this blog to document his thoughts and struggles as he takes on societies norms armed with nothing more than his cheeky wit and undeniable charm - Give his Facebook page a like, add him on Twitter or follow his Google+ page and he will repay you with even more awesome words!


  1. As you say, “keep moving forward.” That is the ultimate plan right there. You don’t have to just quit on the spot (but way to kick ass if you do). You must, however, take meaningful steps every single day to make sure that you are setting yourself up proper for that one glorious moment . . . the moment you say “See ya!”

    So long as you remain focused on what you need to do to correct your unhappy work situation — and actually do it — that final goodbye and good riddance is inevitable. And it will be oh so sweet.

    Trevor recently posted..6 Reasons You Don’t Want to Exercise . . . and How to Get Over ThemMy Profile

  2. Hi Jamie, I am just catching up on reaching out to all the other “Top 50’s” 🙂 I like your candid and “let’s get real” approach to this article. We are often so full of excuses as to why we can’t be happy that we waste many years being stuck in “I can’t [be happy] because…”

    How about “I can be happy and succeed at what I love because…” 😉
    Angela Goodeve recently posted..What is Work/Life Balance Anyways…Isn’t Work Part of Your Life???My Profile

  3. your reasons are so logical
    even though am self employed but i found it very useful
    farouk recently posted..can generosity make you happier? (The psychology of giving)My Profile

  4. great post , thank you very much …….for me I can’t quit because ….????????????? really I don’t why , may be I need to set a clear goal , or I need confidence ….

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